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To report IC quality finds (not for posting fics)
15th-Oct-2008 04:01 am

This is not, as the name might suggest, a community to post Avatar fanfiction (there are already enough) but to comment and review quality fanfiction finds from every site be it ff.net, dA, LJ, ASN or elsewhere.

They should have all characters IC and be of good quality. This is my sorry approach to help the fandom find among the masses of mediocre fanfiction *cough*including some of my own stuff*cough* the few pearls and diamonds that are hidden behind all the other ones.

A review or comment should not spoil to much. If it is about adult related fiction details please put that behind a link.

So the easy part is done, now begins the hard part, remember the few brilliant fics I found and start commenting on these here ... I hope others join as well to help me with that...

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