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Broken Dragon 
29th-Jan-2009 02:47 pm
Ty Zula hug
To me as for now the best Avatar post war fanfic.

Title: Broken Dragon
Author: nikipinz
Rating: M
Characters/Relationship: Ty Zula, Maiko , Kataang

Brief Summary: Azula rots shackled in prison for a year, broken, without help of doctors. Zuko convinces Aang that her bending must be taken from her. Ty Lee and Mai are the only one to care for her. Mai helps that Azula gets better accomodation and that doctors see to her needs. By then she has already arthritis in wrist and ankle. Ty Lee helps her to escape. Escalation, flight and fight. In the end all meet again and Zuko is determined that Azula has to be hanged.

Short Excerpt: She lay very still, studying Ty Lee's face. She'd done this before, of course. She'd done it with great fervor the morning before, knowing that she was probably going to be hanged soon. But Azula didn't think she'd ever savored it this much before. Her gaze slid lower, to the girl's shoulder, which was rising and falling with each slow breath. Then her eye traveled to the hand that lay near the brown head, curled up like an infant's into a soft fist. Azula slowly moved her hand down to unfold the little acrobat's fingers and weave them into her own. Ty Lee's palm felt warm against hers. Azula savored that, too. She drew the hand up to her mouth and very softly kissed the tip of each finger.

When Azula had finished this little operation, she looked down to find Ty Lee's sleepy gray eyes resting on her. She smiled a bit and, spreading apart the fingers, placed another kiss on the acrobat's palm. Ty Lee stirred, yawned widely, and pulled herself up a bit. “Can I play, too?” she murmured, nuzzling at Azula's jawline. The former princess just smiled and drew the hand higher so she could press her lips to the inside of Ty Lee's wrist. Then she abandoned the arm entirely in favor of cupping the little acrobat's face in her hands. Ty Lee smiled back at her.

Azula couldn't decide if she liked gazing at her lover better when she was awake or asleep. - Perhaps awake, now that she thought about it, if only because then Ty Lee could reciprocate. “Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?” she whispered. Talking didn't hurt nearly as much as it had before they had gone to bed.

Why It's Good: Amazingly written, huge plot twists, without one single typo as far as I can say that, all characters well IC.

Link: The Broken Dragon on dA and Broken Dragon on ff.net. The authoress prefers reading and commenting it on dA ^-^
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1st-Feb-2009 01:05 pm (UTC)
To me, the IC is the basic requirement. I only let that slide when reading a fic when it's about the lulz - like some of Mai's ramblings. But a fic, whatever ship it might have, I want as IC as possible.
Therefore, I don't like most Zutara fics I started reading...

But not only the in character is what makes Broken Dragon so appealing, it's the insight into the minds and the amazing story twists.
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